How to Choose a Bike Helmet

The bike helmet is designed to protect the head of a shock and attenuated impacts to the skull of a cyclist in falls. Even if the helmet is apparently not damaged, it can be fragile and cracked in places that are not visible. Ride with a helmet that has already received a shock can be very dangerous because no longer play a protective role.

– Visible deterioration

If you see with the naked eye deterioration of the helmet (small cracks, which straps snapped, things that come off ) it is very important to change the helmet. Only a good helmet can protect you effectively.

– After a few years

Depending on your practice and the number of outings, it is recommended to change the best bike helmets if it gets too old (from 5 years if the state looks correct). A helmet may be too old elements and materials that age less well than others, especially if your headphones are stored in a cold or wet.

– Change in subject

If you want to address a cycling discipline different from what you are doing now, you will need a different helmet that will fit best in your new practice. (Example: transition from BMX biking, passage of the road bike to mountain biking).

– Other possible reasons

Many other reasons exist: simply the desire to change, the desire to have a helmet lighter, more design, more airy and so on.

Selection of helmets (Size of bicycle helmets and bike):

The helmet sizes are listed as “53-56cm” which is the minimum and maximum circumference of the head. To find your size, simply measure the head circumference, outline his head at the front, where it is wide, with a flexible meter.

– Choose a helmet for child

Choosing a helmet for child comes first by proper sizing. Indeed children grow up fast and many sizes available. Also make sure they have air holes and that they meet the standard which validates the quality of the bike helmet.

– Choose a helmet for city bike

The helmets for city bikes are usually relatively round and include many vents. Check that you can wash the helmet completely, or at least the inner parts detachable foam. Check the standards that validate the quality of the product

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